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Biotrends Factory


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro and Luiz Cattony


Frederico Leite e Maiara Lacerda (interns)


Igor Ribeiro


Eusébio - CE, 2018/2020




The project is a biotechnology factory located in the city of Eusébio, in the Metropolitan Area of Fortaleza. The building's implementation was based on the location of large trees on the site and a possible future widening of the access road, which placed it far from the frontal limit and configured its four-layered conformation around a courtyard. In addition, the side of the total terrain has been released for future extensions.

From this position of the building, the distribution of the program generated the need for an upper floor, which occurs in the access layer, highlighting the entrance, which even gains height due to the presence of the water tank. The partial occupation of the upper floor also allows for further expansions on the other layers that remain on the ground floor.

Finally, the project was organized with a concrete structure, configuring a grid that emphasizes the horizontality in-depth and the verticality of the access point, and from which the different parts of the program were occupied. For this, a versatile and sustainable construction element was sought, relating to the factory's vocation.

Therefore, we opted for the ecological brick, which is produced without burning, and which was used in different ways: as an opaque wall in the most closed environments, as a permeable plan in the circulation areas, or mixed, in the case of the front wall. Thus, following the logic and possibilities of the material, diverse, versatile applications with a strong identity for the building were achieved.

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