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Administrative Block - Advanced Campus
UFC Crateús


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro and Epifanio Almeida

in partnership with Croqui Projetos (Custódio Santos and Renan Cid)


Luiz Cattony


Neudson Braga


Joana França


Crateús - CE, 2012/2015




The administrative building of the Federal University of Ceará´s campus in Crateús municipality is the first of a series of blocks planned at the master plan of this academic unit. The building has a dual function: to host the administrative part of the program and to serve as a gateway to the campus. This determined the shape of the building, which is split by a shift in its floorplan that separates a solid and closed part from a more open and fluid one.

The access is located at this open space, that, more than just a building, it is a big shade of double height, creating an area for meeting and socializing. This space was designed intentionally without a defined use, changing throughout the day, both through a garden that receives light designed by a group of pergolas, and also because of the landscape and sunset reflected in the glass facade which gives access to the more closed part of the building.






The part that houses the administration is an airtight volume where is almost impossible to see what happens inside, both because of the mirrored facade of the entrance, because of the rear perforated wall (north) that protects from direct sunlight, and also because of the front facade (south), opaque and with zenith lighting. These devices contribute to better isolation of its interior and also to the possibility of the building to receive future changes without interfering in its external character. Internally a double height reception distributes the flows in the two floors. On the ground floor are located the boardrooms, office, service areas and a set of toilets and changing rooms. Upstairs are the coordination rooms, a battery of toilets and pantry. A corridor connects these areas, functioning not only as circulation but also as a meeting space.


The building materials mitigate the austerity of its double height. More than different materials, the building works with possibilities of different lights and shadows, taking advantage of the strong insolation that Crateús has, emphasized by the contrast of white and dark textures.

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