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Seed house


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro and Luiz Cattony;


Ceará, 2015




The project is a model equipment to be applied at strategic points in several municipalities in the semiarid region of Ceará to support the fight against drought. The seed’s house works as a storage place for various types of seeds that can be collected by residents in periods when cultivation is scarce.

The restricted budget and difficult implementation conditions required a straightforward and austere project. The program is simple and basically consists of a storage area and support restrooms. A small covered structure was created connecting these two uses that can serve as a rest and expand the basic function of the equipment. This cover also serves to capture rainwater that is stored in semi-buried cisterns, which are already widely used in the region. Its structure is simple, with wooden pillars and beams that support the roof. The external skin, initially designed in wooden brises, can be adapted to each situation if there is another more suitable material.

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