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Guaramiranga House


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro, Epifanio Almeida and Marcelo Bacelar


Garmiranga - CE, 2010

* Honorable Mention at the IV IAB-CE Architecture Award 2011.





This project is a mountain house located in the municipality of Guaramiranga, which is 865 meters above sea level and 110 km away from Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará. The first relevant aspect of this project was precisely its place of implementation. Located on the top of an extensive plot, the site destined for the house has a beautiful view, which culminates in the lower area with a stream surrounded by abundant vegetation. In addition, the land has a steep slope, which should also be incorporated into the project.

The other two fundamental aspects in formulating the problem were customer requirements. First, it was asked to use an existing stone on the land, derived from an old abandoned dam. Second, the owner informed that, for security reasons, it would be prudent for us to use bars in the windows and doors.

In formulating an answer that addressed these three central problems, the strategy was to use the stone as both wall and support, which divides the spaces and creates the levels, marking the structure of the house, its spaces and adapting it to the existing topography. Arranged in an east-west direction, these walls direct all rooms and openings to the view of the stream and ventilation.




In the matter of security, instead of enclosing the house with bars, which due to its nature and location should not refer to a house arrest, but to a place of retreat and rest, we opted for a combination of two types of doors: one more internal made of aluminum and glass, which allows the total apprehension of the surrounding nature, and another more external made of wood, which allows the closing of the house, bringing security, but that could also be fully opened and disappear, freeing up the views.

Starting from the development of these two concepts, the final objective was to solve the house with as few elements as possible. The aluminum roof, which allows for a discreet inclination, is resolved in a single water direction, with an inclination towards the front of the house, and placed between the stone walls, which are connected by exposed concrete beams, making the bracing between the planes. The highest part of the land was chosen for the implementation of a living area, as it was necessary that the views of the house were clear. Following the same logic as the house, the living area was designed for family leisure time, also with a very wide view, allowing for a long stay.

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