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Pajuçara House


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro and Luiz Cattony

Maracanaú - CE, 2017




The project is a single-family house, located in the Pajuçara neighborhood, in Maracanaú-CE. The site is located in a sparsely urbanized region, with spaced neighborhoods. Due to its narrow characteristics, the plot's boundaries were thought of as a fundamental part of the house, so that they could be integrated into the project. More than a building isolated on the lot, it would be necessary to work the house from the external walls. This generated a complex relation between the exterior and the interior. If, from the point of view of the street and the surroundings, the house looks hermetic, inside the lot there is a large garden that integrates with the house.




Constructively, the same reasoning allowed the location of the pillars on the side walls, creating a structure that crosses the entire land in a transverse direction, also creating the horizontal division between the two floors, with a simple reinforced concrete structure. For the external materiality of the house, a raw aspect was sought so that the material integrates with the vegetation and has low maintenance requirements.

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