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Casa S - 03.jpg

S House


Bruno Braga, Bruno Perdigão, Igor Ribeiro and Epifanio Almeida.


Luciana Ximenes (intern)


Itaitinga - CE, 2012




The site of this house is located in a closed subdivision in the municipality of Itaitinga, metropolitan region of Fortaleza. The owners made three main requests: integrated living spaces that relate to the outside; the minimum built-up area, for economic reasons; and that a series of specific internal spaces were included in the project. Thus, the strategy adopted was to rotate the house plan towards the east/west axis, making the building occupy only the necessary space on the land, breaking the parallelism in relation to the plot boundaries and creating free spaces in different positions, keeping the spaces integrated without generating a uniform space. Taking into account climate issues and spatial hierarchy, this movement of the plant marked the access and created a patio that relates to the living and kitchen areas. In addition, only part of the house has two floors, saving built-up area.




For the internal spaces requested by customers, we were presented with a series of images of specific environments. Thus, the process started from the inside out, adapting the requests to the other issues of the project. The house was then thought of as a volume that meets all these demands, opening and closing according to each specific point. The eastern facade was treated with large openings, enabling greater integration with the indoor leisure area. In addition, light metal structures were created to protect the windows, allowing vegetation to climb on it, attenuating the direct light into the internal environment and making yet another element of climate protection for the residence. Making a counterpoint with the east facade, open and related to the courtyard, the west facade was treated with a more hermetic character, with small openings that allow the light to enter and cross ventilation.

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