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Bioclone Factory


Bruno Braga and Igor Ribeiro


Neudson Braga and Epifanio Almeida



Thiago Braga


Eusebio - CE, 2011




The Bioclone Factory project starts from the exploration of the shed's typology, since, searching for an economic and simple construction, the client opted for this type of building. Thus, two spatial qualities of the shed were explored: the detachment between the structure and skin and the ample space created by high ceilings and large structural spans.

Regarding the first, it was possible to explore closures in a very varied way, depending on programmatic demands. This can be seen in the differences between the large plan of recessed glass in the main entrance, the small windows that mark the large space of the reception hall, the plan of aluminum shutters in the cafeteria or the vertical elements that illuminate but protect the productive areas. These various elements create shadows and a dynamic that breaks the idea of the shed as something monotonous.




With regard to internal spatial qualities, the program was distributed in areas with simple ceilings in the smaller rooms and spatial amplitude with greater heights in areas with larger concentration of people, such as the entrance hall, cafeteria and production areas of the factory. A walkway on the upper floor next to the administrative area was also used, with visual access to the productive areas, allowing guided tours and monitoring of the work. Thus, the building is designed not only in square meters, but also in cubic meters, in its three-dimensional dimension.

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