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We separate some frequently asked questions regarding our services. Below you will find key information about our work and how we can help you. In case of doubts or to request a quote, get in touch with us .

1. Important information for requesting a quote


To make a budget we need to clearly understand the demand. Therefore, it is desirable to have as much information about the project as possible. Some basic information would be:

  • Do you already own the land where the project will be located? What is the location? What are the dimensions of the land?

  • What type of use? Residential, commercial services? How many and which environments are you planning for this project?

  • What is your expectation regarding the deadline?

  • With this information in hand, we always prefer to schedule a meeting to talk and get to know the demand better, before finalizing the budget.

  • If you don't have any of this information, but have a desire to carry out a project, we can also schedule a meeting to explain this initial planning where we discuss how to choose a land, what the phases of a project are, how to get authorization for construction and how to plan for the work.


2. What is included in our work


In a simple way, we can say that our work refers to all the planning of a project that must be done before starting the work. This can vary according to each project, but basically these works are included:

  • Preliminary Study (EP): stage of the project with a focus on creation. Before starting the project, the client must provide the basic information necessary for the development of the project. Meetings will be held to learn about the demands, tangible and intangible, that will guide the project. Based on this information, the first ideas to be presented to customers are developed, with preliminary indications of materials and construction methods;

  • Preliminary Project (AP): stage of development of consolidated ideas and with the appropriate design for approval of the project by the City Hall and other competent bodies. It is also in this phase that the complementary engineering projects are coordinated;

  • Executive Project (PE): stage with all the details and construction information that will be sent for the work. At the end of this phase, it is possible to budget the project with those responsible for the construction.


Other services can be incorporated according to the demand of each customer, such as:

  • Consultancy for choosing the land

  • Analysis of urban legislation

  • Landscaping Project

  • Furniture and interior detailing

  • construction monitoring

In addition to the architectural service, depending on demand, some engineering projects may also be required. The most basic are:

  • structural calculation

  • sanitary project

  • Electrical project


These projects are not developed by our team, but we can include in our budget proposal, in partnership with other engineering offices we work with;

3. Products we deliver throughout the service


Each stage of the project is presented with a set of technical and illustrative drawings that aim to communicate the construction techniques, spaces and finishes used in the project.

  • In the preliminary study, plans are provided with layout and three-dimensional images of the external areas and main environments;

  • In the draft, technical drawings are developed that will be submitted for approval by the urban and environmental control bodies. Drawings for the development of engineering projects are also delivered;

  • In the executive project, detailed technical drawings are delivered, with material specifications;

4. How long does it take to do a project

In our budget proposal we also deliver an estimated schedule. Each case may require a different timeframe, but it is important to understand the factors that can affect the project's progress. In addition to the development time of our work, the deadline can also be affected by external factors, such as project approval time at the city hall and customer analysis and response time.

We value the care taken with each project, which is why we understand that the ideal deadline is what allows us to achieve the best possible result for the client.

5. We work collectively

We understand that our role is not just to meet customer demands, but to work in partnership. Part of our job is to listen to and interpret the wishes and concerns of customers regarding what they want to build, but we must also add our knowledge and architectural vision to the process. Our idea is to include the client in the creative process so that the whole journey is interesting, discussing our decisions, arguing about our choices and sharing our passion for architecture. Thus, the final result can be much more pleasurable and better enjoyed after the finished work.

6. Work and construction

As we mentioned before, the construction of any building involves a series of professionals. All necessary projects work as creation and planning of the work. The execution of the work is not included in our services and must be carried out by a specialized engineering company, which will make a detailed budget of the house's construction costs, as well as hiring a work team. In some cases, we offer an additional service to monitor the work, which aims to give greater control that the work is in accordance with the project.

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